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Rabbits and Kittens
:: © J. R. Mortimer & E. C. Y. Foo 2006 ::
Some photos of the new rabbit kittens as they wander out and explore the world. We see their older brothers and sisters eating on a rabbit feast, and some pictures of Cream, the dwarf lop rabbit.
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Kym continues her 30th birthday celebration by having Pizza and other food a Pizza Bella Roma, in Fremantle, surrounded by family and friends. We took these shots of the event.
Some photos from the camera phone of random items around Perth and home
Our niece, Verity Ann, gets christened. These are some pictures of the event.
This months slotcar meet was held at Kevins place in Armadale. The largest group of starters in the couple of years we have been getting together showed up today, to make for a full day of racing AFX cars. For details of the winners and grinners, please
We go to the Perth Auto Show and view the vehicles on display there. As well as a few Porsche, Ferrari and other exotic sportscars, there were a large number of domestic cars represented.
My friends and I celebrate the warming of my house
Jai and Richard went to the Super Model Car Sunday at the West Coast Street Rod club rooms in Malaga, Western Australia. These were a few of the entries on display.
Sundowner for work.
Kym's 30th Birthday Lunch at Pizza Bella Roma, Fremantle
Camera Phone Q3 2011
Verity Ann Marshalls Christening
March HO Slotcar Meet
2006 Perth Auto Show
Housewarming Party
Super Model Car Sunday 2010
Memo Communications Sundowner
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