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PRS Torero install internal Roland GK-Kit-GT3
:: © J. R. Mortimer September 2011 ::
I modified my PRS SE Torero to include a Roland internal GK-KIT-GT3, which has a 13 pin output to drive a guitar synth. The install took over a month of work, and the stages taken have been documented on each of the photos.
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Some photos of Jai as he turns 7 months old, including going to Dim Sum lunch in Northbridge with Ming, and visiting his Daddy at work.
Some photos of Jai from during the week, including a trip to Hillarys and the local library.
Family photos from 1994. Not sure who took all of these, but they were probably me.
Some photos of Jai from during the week, including a visit to Perth Zoo, the State Library, Joondalup, and at home.
We buy some new African Lovebirds and put them in the aviary with the Peach-Faced Lovebirds (agapornis roseicollis). In the new birds there are 3 Black Masked Lovebirds (Agapornis personata) 2 Fischers Lovebird (Agapornis fischeri) and another Pach Faced
The band Summersalt play at the Minnawarra festival.
I mounted a Roland GK-3 pickup on my PRS Torero guitar, for use with the Roland guitar synth systems.
Some photos from the week, including visiting South Perth and Ikea.
Jai at 31 weeks of age
Jai at 104 weeks of age (2 years)
Mortimer Family Photos 1994
Jai at 80 weeks of age (1 year 28 weeks)
New African Lovebirds in the Aviary
Summersalt play at the Minnawarra festival
Mounting a Roland GK-3 on a PRS Torero
Jai at 2 years, 15 weeks
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