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PRS Torero install internal Roland GK-Kit-GT3
:: © J. R. Mortimer September 2011 ::
I modified my PRS SE Torero to include a Roland internal GK-KIT-GT3, which has a 13 pin output to drive a guitar synth. The install took over a month of work, and the stages taken have been documented on each of the photos.
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A collection of photos of Richard and Eunice during 2007. This set includes the wedding in Australia and Europe, and some photos from the trip around Italy, France, Switzerland and Malaysia.
Photos taken on the Nokia camera phone, including pictures of our pet rabbits, birds, fish and cats, as well as a variety of pictures of sunsets and clouds. Also some pictures from the Eagles vs St. Kilda Australian Rules football match.
We visited the swans at Lake Monger.
We celebrated Colins Bucks Night in Perth, tasting some of the local beverages whilst Colin dragged along his special new girlfriend. After several pubs and drinks, we met with the girls from the Hens night to Kareoke until the small hours of the morni
As Ming prepares to leave for Angola for another stint of work there, we have a dinner of pasta and pizza for him.
Richard and Jai go to the Perth Zoo
Jai turns 8 months old, and we take some photos of him at McDonalds, City Farmers, and around the home.
Some photos of Jai from during the week.
Richard Mortimer and Eunice Mortimer - 2007
Photos from Nokia Camera, Quarter 1, 2006
Swans at Lake Monger
Colins Bucks Night
Dinner for Ming
Perth Zoo
Jai at 35 weeks (8 months) of age
Jai at 46 weeks of age
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